Friday, January 27, 2012

Web Trésors: Feng Shui Remedies

Okay, so the year of the dragon has literally started with a roar. If it is any indication of the future, we are going to need a little help. Fortunately we found a couple of cures that won't break the bank or drastically alter our homes.

Ba Gua Shi Master Cure

This powerful master cure can only be used in Ren Chen which is the yang Water Dragon Year.
We loved how simple and clean the design is and the use of crystals.

It is important to remember that your specific animal will have it's own set of afflictions.
Some sites offer remedies that correspond to your animal sign. You can go here to find what works for you.

Candice's Remedies for Goats:

  • Pi Yao is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon whose task it is to provide the blessings of good finance and wealth. A Pi Yao talisman offers its owner a minimum of eight blessings found here, last of which is to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter, Tai Sui, who you may find yourself indirectly conflicted with this year. You can carry a Pi Yao amulet, place one in your home, or wear him so he is with you at all times.

  • Goats are advised to display a red crystal ball to absorb the bad vibes of the Conflict Star. The Fire energy serves a dual purpose as a cure and an enhancer. It will keep the quarrelsome chi in check and also enhance the Earth element of the South West and replenish the missing element in this year's Paht Chee.

Mary's Remedies for Monkeys:

  • The Monkey has wealth luck in 2012 due to Earth energy because we sit on the most auspicious Earth Seal Star built by the 24 mountains. Any earth element crystal enhancers will activate this energy if placed in the South West. Aventurine is a powerful prosperity stone and has many other comforting and calming properties as well. It also happens to be associated with the heart chakra, which, if you recall from my last aura reading, is the chakra that I am predominately vibrating at.

  • Each sign has zodiac allies and a secret friend that are especially helpful in tricky times. Our zodiac allies are the Rat (Iain) and the Dragon (Paul, Nonna, Lita!) and our secret friend is the Snake (?). Allies are those that you connect with and enjoy their energy whereas a secret friend is someone who will help you in life without you even realizing. Each sign has three animal buddies known as the San He, or three harmonies. It is recommended to carry this amulet with you wherever you go so that your friends will always be looking after you!

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