Saturday, January 7, 2012

Místico: Simply, beautifully up to the Universe...

We've never really been fans of New Year's resolutions. Not because we don't think we have areas to improve upon, but rather it seems silly to wake up one day with resolutions to follow simply because it's a new year. We believe in everyday resolutions which can change at any given time.

Mary resolves to:
  • Live simply
  • Sustain myself solely by doing things I love
  • Become fluent in speaking Spanish (I know, I know... what the heck is my excuse?!)
  • Sign up for this weaving class, inspired by these ladies here...

Candice resolves to:
  • Develop my yoga practice further
  • Take more photos
  • Find a beautiful soul to share my life with...
  • Forget the past and live in the moment!

Together we resolve to:
Although we believe in pursuing our goals on our own accord, sometimes predictions can push you in the right direction. We certainly can't argue with our 2012 Susan Miller Astrology Reports found here. Also, how amazing are the vignettes for each sign?

Maybe not the most accurate but certainly the cutest darn fortune teller you will ever meet!

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