Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mean Reds

Candice and I had a post all mapped out and ready to go but then Monday morning happened. I woke up, went to work and boom! It wasn't a case of "Oh, it's beautiful out and it's Monday and I have to go to work." It was what was best described by Holly Golightly as the Mean Reds. I called my husband and my mom but no amount of "I love yous" was going to help this girl. Rather than sit crying at work, which I actually started to do, I turned to some photos Iain and I took over the weekend.

Boosted slightly by the images, I ran over to the nearest bookstore in search of more visual stimulation. I mindlessly roamed, looking for a book or magazine to call out to me. The ones below seemed to do it and I started to feel inspired and a teeny, tiny bit cheered up.

The colors in the Nov/Dec 2011 Vogue Living Australia did me in.

I also discovered Trunk and it might just be one of my new favorite magazines.

Oh, and speaking of Miss Golightly, did you hear that her townhouse is for sale? Not nearly as charming without the bathtub sofa... in my opinion.

Update: Last night I was reading through some blogs and came upon this post... It really was a Mean Red Monday, wasn't it? Thanks, Simple Lovely, for the reminder to appreciate and be grateful.

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