Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Místico: Las Orgonitas

One of our favorite treasures picked up on one of our more spiritual trips are our "Orgonitas" or Orgonites. Coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, orgonite is simply another term for life-force energy. Other cultures have other names for this energy: Ki, Chi, Prana, etc. Dr. Reich harnessed this energy to balance the planetary energy patterns, heal disease and increase the functioning of the mind.

These devices are made with resin, brass, copper, silver, steel, aluminum and titanium, crystals, seashells and other items, collectively known as Orgone. Combining these elements, it has the unique ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. Our particular Orgonitas are pyramid shaped. Pyramids are fantastic conductors of energy, allowing negative energy to spill out the bottom and the positive to come shining out of the peak. Simply place your Orgonite where you live, work, sleep or play and let it do its work. They can be especially helpful when placed on your desk if you work on a computer for most of the day, helping to clear the energy pollution and assist with stress.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Familia: Our Daily Inspiration

When life has those lackluster moments, you know when things aren't quite as clean and crisp and you aren't sure which direction to take next, memories of these inspirational women keep us going. They are one of the many reasons we crave beauty, peace and happiness around us. We try everyday to honor the graceful and magical impact they left on us. We can only aspire to live as fascinating lives as they did but we can be sure to always follow our hearts and dreams with their gentle push.

Grandma Kathleen

La Nonna