Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Arte e Cultura: Finding Balance

Balance perfected by Benjamin de la Serna.

We wrote about his father, Antonio, here. Starting to feel the pull to Tepoztlan again, it's easy to see how balance can so easily be achieved there.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Voyage: Seville

And so we were on the road again...

After a stint driving, Iain was ready for a cerveza and some down time in the passenger seat. We were cracking up when he brought these back to the car, poor guy. He was so excited the truck stop had mini Mahous that he wanted his picture taken, which is when we realized what kind of "cerveza" it actually was. It took him awhile after he had downed a couple to learn the meaning of "sin" on a beer can.

We arrived in Seville and were glad to finally drop off our van, the streets weren't exactly getting any bigger.

Our hotel was exactly how we felt about Seville on the whole, charming and beautiful. Honestly, we could have been content just lounging at our hotel with the rooftop pool, complimentary orange wine and assortment of musical instruments strewn about.

We did eventually leave the hotel though and yet another Spanish city proceeded to capture our hearts.

This squid ink pasta was everyone's favorite tapa in Seville, so much so that we had to come back for another round.

We pretended this street was named after us and posed by it every chance we got!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Arte e Cultura: Alhambra

Our last full day in Granada was mostly spent touring La Alhambra. We geeked out and went on a full blown tour but given the vastness and the history, we think it was warranted and well worth it. Stunning, to stay the least. As we were making our way further south through Spain, we were so excited to start seeing Arabic and all of the Moorish influence. Good thing too because it started preparing us for all the beauty that is Morocco...