Thursday, December 1, 2011

Arte e Cultura: Antonio de la Serna

We have a favorite artist in Tepoztlan, Antonio de la Serna. A couple of years ago while perusing the market, we discovered him and bought our first pieces. Each year, we would look forward to finding him and buying another piece. To our dismay, we could not find him last year at the markets. While wandering around town, we ran into a man that we swore was "our artist". He gently repeated over and over that he is not an artist but we vowed it must be him and that he didn't want to be disturbed. Since then, there were numerous sightings by family members but again, the doppelganger swore he was not an artist. He was not to be found at the markets either. We started to think we had made him up and were saddened that we would never meet with him again.

Well, this year we did our normal rounds and our faces lit up when there he was in his booth at the market! When telling him the story, he laughed and told us that technically he does not exist. Like many artists, he moved to Tepoztlan and is now living off the grid. He cannot be found or contacted which we rather like as it leaves it to destiny if we shall ever meet again.

They meet.

The shy little zebra.

At the table.

The diver.

Love is a balancing act.

On the way to the ruin.

The perfect meditation.

His work is lovely, no?

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