Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Místico: Luz Azul

While in Tepoztlan, we had the pleasure of visiting one of our favorite places, Luz Azul. Curiously, they had moved down the street a bit which they told us they do from time to time when the energy starts to get stale. We had our auras read and photographed and then received a chakra alignment. It is so interesting to see your aura change year after year and we both found, to our delight, that we are vibrating at higher frequencies and moving in the right direction!

Mary's Aura Reading

I was told I am a very old soul which you can see in the shape of my aura. A newer soul has a very rounded aura whereas older souls point at the top. Being an old soul, when I "learn" something new, I am actually just remembering. This rang true as I always feel like I'm having deja vu and have feelings of familiarity quite often. I seem to attract very new souls and enjoy guiding them along life's paths. Their excitement towards life and naivety is something I am drawn to. I don't want to sound all-knowing though because I certainly follow the old adage of dishing out good advice and not taking it myself!

My aura is mostly yellow/green whereas last year it was orange/yellow. If you look at my chakra below, you can see the colors of the past on my right side. I have been nurturing my heart, spirituality and creativity so I have successfully let in the yellow/green that was slowly pushing through last year. You can see green/blue coming in through my heart on my left side. This indicates the vibration of my future which, I was told, means that I should focus on teaching and healing others. I was told that my energy helps and feels good to others. I tell people exactly how I feel and my face shows every emotion.

Mary's Chakra

I am vibrating predominately at the heart and solar plexus chakras. I was told I am very balanced which is something I have been working on for the past year after my last reading. I am slightly more masculine than feminine and I should focus on protecting myself a little more than I do others. I need to work on my relationship with Mother Nature to ground myself a bit more while I also focus on spirituality which will elevate me to vibrate at a higher chakra.

My chakra alignment was quite an experience but I don't think it is something that I can put into words to share. I can say that after the treatment, I looked at my aura again and it was pulsating with all of the colors so beautifully and harmoniously. I was in a daze for the rest of the day and felt otherworldly.

Candice's Aura Reading

So I am not as old a soul as Mary, but I'm no spring chicken. She said I had lived quite a few lives but definitely had a few to go. This made her laugh as she told me to have fun and enjoy the one I was having, apparently I have been trying too hard to get it right.

The left side of my aura (which is how you express yourself in the present ) is primarily orange. Orange being a mix of red which is passion and yellow which is creativity. She asked me if I had been having a very "me" year, now I laughed and answered, "Absolutely". So this lead to her telling me about the right side of my aura ( the future) which is a yellow-green. I was told this is the frequency and color I should be vibrating at, which will allow more love to enter my life. The yellow-green is connected to the heart chakra. It is shown almost like a burst of light coming in on the bottom left hand corner that would continue to envelope if nurtured. This is exactly what she described would happen if I let it. 

Candice's Chakra

Most of my energy is being focused at the solar plexus and heart chakra. The main chakra I needed to work on was actually my throat chakra, in order to better my communication with others. It was also interesting that certain organs are linked to our chakras. On a past reading I had gone in apparently very ill and they had diagnosed me prior to seeing a doctor.

Based on these findings, the holistic practitioners focus in on certain areas in order to create higher vibrations in the unbalanced areas.

So then I was off to get my aura balanced and my chakra's aligned...

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