Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vogage: Xochimilco

One of our favorite adventures in Mexico was visiting Xochimilco.

It was the perfect day. Slightly mellow due to Dia de los Muertos which made for an ideal first trip.

Immediately, we found this "storefront". Micheladas? Yes, please. Nevermind that it was 11:30 or possibly earlier.

We slowly made our way around the canals.

Along the way, we learned a few things from our somewhat prompted guide. Xochimilco in Nahuatl means "flower field" because of the many flowers and crops grown on the chinampas since the pre-hispanic period.

A little more food....

And, of course, some shopping...

We have read so much about it and can't believe we had never been. It felt surreal.

Even more surreal knowing who frequented these floating gardens...

Candice channeling Frida.

The journey ended with some live music from these guys.

With all of this beauty, it's not hard to believe that Xochimilco had one woman ruler, which did not happen anywhere else in Mesoamerica in the pre-Hispanic period.

Viva Xochimilco!

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