Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Voyage: Valencia

Our road trip started here and it is also where everyone happened to learn of Iain's love of international roadstops. Luckily, Andrew was just as happy to stop due to his love of jamón and queso sandwiches of the truck stop variety. The girls were just happy for a few moments to get their sun on.

After one too many stops, we arrived in Valencia hot and hungry for Paella. We checked into our hotel and quickly ventured out for a drink and tapas, having not a clue as to what we were stumbling onto. Every street in the city had plastic lawn chairs lined up for days, soon to be filled with every abuela and tia in town.

It also happened to be the day Spain played Italy and the town was clearly torn between the parade and watching the game. Seeing a nun wander into one of the bars to check the score was a highlight, for sure.

We sat watching the parades until they died down, amazed and slightly bewildered by the Corpus Christi Festival, but eventually got our Paella fix later that night.

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