Thursday, July 12, 2012

Voyage: Barcelona

After an awesome week in Madrid, Mary & Iain took the high speed train to Barcelona. Even with the recommendations from friends, Barcelona took a bit longer to uncover than Madrid so the five days leading up to Candice, Erin and Andrew's arrival were spent scoping out the good bits so their brief time in the city would be spent well. Amidst sightseeing, we ate the biggest meal of tiny things in our lives at Comerç 24 for Iain's birthday, dined on fantastic grilled rabbit per Nick's recommendation, drank our share of cañas and mojitos, and Iain shopped till he dropped (quite literally, his record scores were laboriously lugged across Spain and Morocco). As soon as our friends arrived, we whisked them away to La Granja which has the most delicious chocolate croissants and spiced cortados, our favorite was made with cinnamon and chile. We then went on to Park Güell, scoped out art with Andrew, strolled through the Raval and Born (our two favorite districts) and ate, drank, walked until we couldn't go on anymore...

We were originally going to break this up into 2 posts since the amount of photos is overwhelming but then, well, that is exactly how Barcelona felt to us (in a good way). VALE! 


  1. 1. !!!
    2. a dedicated record collector - love that.
    3. totally living vicariously through you with these photos. what are those peas over what looks like plastic wrap? what is the purpose of the wrap?


    1. Oh yeah, that does look weird! They steam the peas in the plastic bag and then bring it to your table all puffed up with steam, slice it open at the table and when the steam escapes, the aromas are amazing. They were prepared with mint and pancetta, sofrito too if I remember correctly... delish!

  2. wow, i have never seen that done before! i have actually never liked peas until about a year ago - all of a sudden my taste buds changed and i wanted to start cooking them.

    thanks for sharing your incredible photos - so inspiring!