Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moda: Rachel Sees Snail Shoes

Is it too early to be talking sandals? It feels like summer here in San Diego so forgive us...

We first discovered Rachel Corry and her sandals via Gravel & Gold when they announced a sandal making workshop. We would have attended in a heartbeat but alas, it was up in San Francisco.

Since the weather is bound to cool down again, it gives us plenty of time to dream up the perfect sandal for summertime. In the meantime, enjoy some of her past works and those of her students below!

P.S. More in tune with the season are these lovely moroccan slippers from Kneeland Co. I Literally Cannot Take Them Off. I've never won a thing in my life, came back from Mexico and a pair of these darlings was mine, all mine. Can't thank you enough, Joanna!


  1. My pleasure, my dear! : )
    And I have been dying to take a Rachel Corry sandal making class. So bummed I missed that one. Hopefully next time! Would be so great.