Friday, April 20, 2012

Moda: The Long Goodbye

We were rewatching one of Iain's favorite films, The Long Goodbye, and were reminded of how amazing Nina Van Pallandt's wardrobe is in that film. It's basically how we would dress everyday if we could: bohemian and breezy. Loose hair, flowy caftans, barefoot... we wouldn't exactly mind living in that gorgeous home on the beach either.

We kind of have a major crush on Elliott Gould as Marlowe too. He's just so nonchalantly sexy and cool.

Apart from the film, Nina just had great style. How cute is she here?

Also interesting to note, part of The Long Goodbye was shot in Tepoztlan which is quite possibly our favorite city in Mexico, or anywhere for that matter.


  1. one of my favorites! the last time i watched it was at the hollywood forever cemetery on a hot summer night! it was awesome.

  2. I loved this film. and her wardrobe!