Thursday, April 19, 2012

Arte e Cultura: Jubilee Hitchhiker

Much like music, certain authors bring us back to certain times in our lives. We discovered Richard Brautigan when one of Mary's old boyfriends handed her a copy of Trout Fishing in America.

Not exactly the most compelling title for a teenaged Southern California girl, needless to say, she wasn't exactly thrilled. But she read it, and it sufficiently tripped out her little teenage mind. Turned on by his writing style, we spent the next couple of months consuming all of his works.

Aside from reading the occasional poem every now and again, we hadn't thought much about Brautigan in quite some time until yesterday, when we saw a copy of his new biography, Jubilee Hitchhiker. It's massive and looks amazing. This is just the literary stimulation that we needed, considering the last book we read was The Hunger Games...

The Shenevertakesherwatchoff Poem

For Marcia

Because you always have a clock
strapped to your body, it's natural
that I should think of you as the
correct time:
with your long blond hair at 8:03,
and your pulse-lighting breasts at
11:17, and your rose-meow smile at 5:30,
I know I'm right.

From Sombrero Fallout:

I will be very careful the next time I fall in love, she told herself. Also, she had made a promise to herself that she intended on keeping. She was never going to go out with another writer: no matter how charming, sensitive, inventive or fun they could be. They weren't worth it in the long run. They were emotionally too expensive and the upkeep was complicated. They were like having a vacuum cleaner around the house that broke all the time and only Einstein could fix it.
She wanted her next lover to be a broom.

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