Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Místico: Abundance Grid

So, we basically moved to Tulum in our minds yesterday.... visions of eating fresh fruit, taking cenote swim breaks throughout the day, cooking, drinking, laughing with friends were swirling through our minds. A simple but charmed life. Although we believe in the adage, follow your dreams and fortune will follow, it wouldn't hurt to get a little boost on the fortune end every now and again to kick start some of those dreams. We decided to enlist the help of some crystals, a candle and some serious wishing.

Abundance Grid

Crystals: 8 clear quartz points and 3 pieces of jade or citrine (we used citrine)

Shape: Lay out a circle of quartz points with the jade or citrine outlining a triangle shape in the center. This pattern functions best when placed in the Feng Shui Wealth area of the home or business.

Affirmation: Abundance in all forms now flows to me with Divine grace.

Adding your own personal touches help to make it your own. Don't be shy about putting your own spin on the grid and sending out that energy!

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