Wednesday, August 22, 2012

San Diego Public Market

If you haven't heard or donated already... last chance to help fund the San Diego Public Market!

"Seattle has Pike Place Market, London has Borough Market, San Francisco has the Ferry Building and Barcelona has La Boqueria. It’s time San Diego, with its year-round growing season and vibrant food scene, got a public market of its own and you can Kickstart it into being right now!"

We've been going through withdrawals after frequenting the fantastic ones in Spain... so excited for this!

Mercado de San Miguel

Yes, those oysters are the size of Mary's hand! 

La Boqueria


  1. those oysters are insane!

    just saw that the san diego public market reached its goal! ; )


  2. Just stumbled over here from your lovely pins on Pinterest!! Love your style!! Ill be following with BlogLovin!! Can't wait to read more!!

    1. You are too sweet, thanks Tami! We just checked out your blog and feel the same, we will be following you too! :)