Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Voyage: Journey to Morocco

The travel day from Seville to Morocco was a long one with no room for error. The bus ride down to Tarifa was beautiful, passing by sunflower fields and a gorgeous coastline. We hopped off the bus rushing through town only to barely catch the ferry to Tangier. What we did see in passing through Tarifa, we loved. Such a charming little beach side town, we made a mental note to return.

The ferry was fast and a bit too furious for some but we couldn't help but feel giddy as we watched the North African coastline get closer and closer. After departing, we got a cab ride to the train station during which everyone was silent, taking it all in.

We settled into our cabin on the train, entranced by the views outside our window, taking a nap here and there and finally made it to Casablanca later that evening.

We only had one night in Casablanca so on the way to dinner, our driver gave us a very quick tour including a drive by of the Hassan II Mosque.

Dinner was set in the gardens within the walls of an 18th century fortification. The tagine with apricots, prunes and roasted almonds was one of the best we enjoyed during our entire stay in Morocco.

After dinner, we had to stop by Rick's for a drink. Our favorite part was watching the proprietor, having her drink in the corner by the piano, and getting up to greet every single guest.