Friday, August 3, 2012

Last Night in Marrakech

Our last evening in Marrakech was the stuff dreams are made of. Fatima and Aisha spent all day cooking us up the most scrumptious feast. When we returned home from our day out, they were laying down rugs and pillows in the middle of the riad while Abdel was lighting candles and setting up the film projector. We got dressed in our caftans, looking forward to a quiet evening in. After dinner, we all cozied up and snuggled on the rugs while Abdel served us ice cream, making us feel like little kids at a slumber party. We watched La Dolce Vita projected on the riad wall until we eventually fell asleep under the stars. We could have stayed like that forever. Candice captured Mary wishing on a star and can only imagine it was something along those lines. It was such a magical night, one that's going down in the books. Now you understand the tears that fell upon leaving...


  1. Awww.......... what an amazing time you all had! Next trip I go on, I want all of you to come with me!!! I'm LOVING your blog! You make me want to go to places I hadn't considered!

    1. Thanks! You know you don't have to pull our leg, just let us know when and where! :) Aren't we all due for a Mexico trip soon? xoxo

  2. definitely the stuff dreams are made of. this is so special! everyone looks so chic in their caftans, and the food is just completely killing me. wishing i could eat like that every day - i miss morocco! so happy for your adventure - i'm sure you'll never forget it! xoxo joanna