Thursday, February 9, 2012

Voyage: Madonna Inn

Want to get away to another world... check into the Madonna Inn. Located in San Luis Obispo, it has incredible themed rooms and more kitsch than you can handle. An old standby for Southern Californians looking for a quick getaway and perfect for a Valentine's Day escape.

Love Nest

Just Heaven



Swiss Rock

Chestnut Foal



Tack Room

Irish Hills

Your trip wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Gold Rush Steak House. Doesn't the pink vinyl just scream Valentine's Day in all of its cheesy, fabulous glory?

Before you leave, you must indulge in their famous pink champagne cake!


  1. i love the madonna inn! i have stayed in a few of these rooms -- my in-laws live next to it in SLO and everyone stayed there for our wedding. it's such a dreamy/kitschy/hilarious/awesome place!

  2. So rad that everyone stayed there for your wedding! How fun :)

  3. Crazy Awesome. The dining room is out of my dreams. This is on my list for sure now.

  4. love it!! great post! was just there last week for the first time, only for dessert, and we want to go back and stay for a bit!