Monday, February 13, 2012

Místico: Crystal Grids

Similar to architecture, we can construct our own framework to support us. Known in construction as a grid, instead of using steal beams, you can place crystals in specific locations to enhance their energy. Grids can be created for many reasons, both personal (love, career) and at a global level (world peace). Quartz points are most often used in these beautiful prayer mandalas.

"Grids are an ancient and time-honored way to contain and build the power of prayer and healing energy. For centuries, people have joined with nature in order to link with the eternal wisdom of the universe, leaving us mystical sites such as Stonehenge, the French Carnac stones, and ancient temples and pyramids. The energy and force you feel when visiting such places comes partly from the intensified electromagnetic field of stone configurations and partly from the lingering vibration of past prayers for individual and communal harmony."

Love /Romance Grid

Crystals: 12 quartz points, 10 pieces of rose quartz, 1 heart shaped rose quartz

Shape: Make a figure eight (infinity symbol) and alternate the stones and points to signify the union of male and female energies. Place the rose quartz in the center of the figure eight to symbolize the one love joining the two souls.

Feng Shui: This layout works perfectly for the relationship corner of your home, or in your bedroom.

Affirmation: I am now in perfect alignment with love on all levels.

The creation of these grids is an art, a creative process. "Forming these patterns is similar to any creative venture (such as cooking). While you may initially follow a recipe, you'll eventually shift the ingredients to suit your own tastes." You can add stones to fit your needs, change the shape or size of the grid, and add on additional affirmations to attract the energy you are seeking.

Excerpts from Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue. 

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