Friday, October 21, 2011

Sabroso: Algonquin Hotel Punch

Happy Friday means Happy Cocktail Time for us!

Not only were we super excited to find a new go-to party drink but The Food Life is amazing!

The Vena Cava lovelies offer up some culinary tidbits including this recipe for the standard bar punch at the old Algonquin Hotel.

“It’s a go to for our parties. It’s basically all alcohol and sugar.We combine a bottle of dark rum, a bottle of gin and a bottle of champagne with mashed raspberries and mashed lemon peel and sugar. Long island ice tea is a poor mans version of this. I have my grandmothers old punch bowl with feet on it, so that is what we like to serve it in. Everyone gets sloshed-it makes a great party-it was the standard bar punch at the old Algonquin hotel.”
Lisa Mayock, Vena Cava

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