Friday, October 14, 2011

Místico: Purse Dwellers

We are both lovers and believers in the healing properties of stones and crystals. Most of the time they are in constant rotation, depending on our moods and needs, but these are the front runners for the moment...

Candice's Stone: Lapis Lazuli
Ancient Egyptian Priests named it "the Stone from heaven". 
Cleopatra even used powdered lapis as eye shadow. 
Lapis has high intensity and can open many of the chakra centers. That is why this stone is often used by people who believe in aura and chakra healing.
It alleviates insomnia and vertigo, and overcomes depression.
To help shake away distress and painful memories, place a piece of Lapis in the area of the third eye and meditate for several minutes. 

Mary's Stone: Green Fluorite 
Green Fluorite is able to awaken the heart chakra and deepens meditation.
Fluorite is good for tension and stress and can be found to calm you and relieve you of excess energy.
If you are ready to grow, change and transform, Fluorite can be a light on your path. 
Place it beneath your pillow at night and watch your dream world liven up! 
It has a rather magical quality in that it is Fluorescent. If you put it under a black light, it has an incredible luminescence to it, much like holding lighting in a jar.

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