Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello again!

Dearest lovelies,

We are back from our self-imposed unplanned internet hiatus! Sometimes life is simply meant to be lived and the last thing we want to do is crouch in front of a computer reporting on it. Now that this Indian summer is over and the weather is starting to feel like Fall, we are getting the urge to cozy up and catch up on all the wonderful goings on online. So to get you up to speed over the past couple of months...

Mary spent her Saturdays taking a jewelry fabrication class. This milagro cuff was her first piece.

Candice's heart was stolen.

There was a quick trip to Mexico for a special someone's birthday...

A wedding in Marin... shot by our lovely & talented sister in law, Noa of Feather Love.

And our cousin's wedding in Seal Beach. So much love this summer!

Mary & Iain are in the process of buying their dream home (which they already live in and rent). How's that for the Law of Attraction working it's magic?

We visited the Happiest Place on Earth.

Candice booked a trip to England to visit her aforementioned love. Yes, he's actually from the land of Robin Hood.

And lastly, an evening of canning with our Tia (post to follow).

In a nutshell, we've been happily preoccupied. We'll be sure though to include you, our dear readers, in our holiday endeavors.

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