Friday, September 14, 2012

Sabroso: Nieves

It has seriously been so hot in Southern California. We know most of the country endures this kind of weather every summer but we are wimps! One of our favorite desserts to keep cool is a Mexican ice cream called nieves, which translates to snow. There are hundreds of flavors and most of them are actually more like sorbets. Some of the ones we love are tamarind with chile, rose petal, coconut and guanabana. They do have some more outrageous flavors like rompope (like an egg-nog), cactus, corn and even avocado.

Our driver Edgar's favorite spot, on the way to Xochimilco.

THE spot for nieves, offering 100s of flavors, is Tepoznieves in Tepoztlan.

Food blogger De La Tierra has a fantastic recipe for a nieve that sounds amazing:

We will be trying this out soon!

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  1. I LOVE NIEVES!!! omg, it is SO hot today and i just want to eat this right now.