Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dove Siete: La Casa de Benedetta Tagliabue

When we first saw this home featured in Dwell, our jaws dropped. We are slightly obsessed with architectural detail, to the point that looking for a home or place to stay turns into quite a project. We are drawn to homes with history, with character, buildings that have soul. And this one has loads of it...

This reminds us of visiting friends' homes in Mexico, passing by on the streets, you would never know what lies behind these doors...

When Benedetta and her husband, the late architect Enric Miralles, purchased this apartment in Barcelona in the 1990s, it was nothing more than a run down warehouse. Working without plans, they let their discoveries dictate the design. How exciting to find 18th century murals or carved stone staircases hidden behind unassuming doors?

Sigh... When can we move in?

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